Panacoda releases version 1.0 of the mobile HTML5 framework ‘The-M-Project’ and native packaging software tool ‘Espresso’

With one push of a button, ‘Espresso’ generates native applications for iOS and Android.

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(pressekat) - Stuttgart, January 24, 2012. Panacoda, operator of the mobile HTML5 framework ‘The-M-Project’, has announced the release of version 1.0. Simultaneously, Panacoda has also released version 1.0 of their software tools, ‘Espresso’. ‘The-M-Project’ enables efficient and structured development of advanced cross-platform applications for smartphones and tablets. The ‘Espresso’ software tools support and speed up the entire development process from app assembly, to optimisation until release. Valuable client experiences from a variety of projects in previous months have been incorporated into the latest framework version 1.0. In addition, ‘Espresso’ has been enhanced by the new native packaging feature.

Sebastian Werler, Panacoda CEO, explains: "We have used ‘The-M-Project’ in a variety of customer projects and have continually reviewed the efficiency of the framework under actual conditions. This allowed us to prove that ‘The-M-Project’ meets real world requirements. Community feedback has also played a major role in our product development. Since the first Alpha-Version, this feedback has been used to constantly improve our product. Today, we are proud to present a stable version 1.0."

Parallel to the release, Panacoda has also revised ‘The-M-Project’ documentation and web page. This has made the first steps for novices easier whilst allowing professionals to get to the desired information faster.

Dominik Laubach, Managing Director of Panacoda, describes the enhanced options offered by ‘Espresso’: "With 'Espresso', we provide a comprehensive app development process tool. Large parts of the workflow can now be supported by our software tools, thus making it more efficient.” Since mid 2011, ‘Espresso’ had already offered a variety of useful functions such as an integrated test server, file generator and app optimisation algorithms. The latest feature, native packaging, has further enriched the software tool. Laubach adds: "With just one push of a button, a native application for Android and iOS can be generated and then distributed in the respective App Store. ‘Espresso’ is the only software tool to offer the integrated feature in this way. "

Werler and Laubach are convinced: "With our work on framework and software tools, we capture the spirit of the global developer community and businesses. We want to make 2012 the year of the mobile web."

This year, Panacoda specialists aim to continue to modularise ‘The-M-Project’ in order to make app development even faster and more flexible. It will also better support the Windows 7 phone platform.

Caption: Panacoda releases version 1.0 of the mobile HTML5 framework ‘The-M-Project’ ( and the ‘Espresso’ software tools with native packaging.

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