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(pressekat) - Corona, California and Zurich Switzerland - Colours N Motion, a leading US manufacturer of active, ultra-light wheelchairs and Med Services Europe announced its progress one year after creating a strategic initiative to develop Colours presence in Europe.

Dr. Gene Emmer, president of Med Services Europe, said that exclusive distributors have been signed for UK, Ireland, Greece, France, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and Palestine. "We are truly making rapid progress. One of the most important reasons is that Colours Wheelchairs have many advantages over the competition that offer unique opportunities for distributors of disability products.”

"For example in markets with developing economies, the Spazz-G has opened many doors for Colours since it is probably the most economically priced quality, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs on the markets. In more developed markets our Zephyr, an entirely custom-made wheelchair and the Boing! the first wheelchair with four wheel-independent suspension are in high demand.” Said Dr. Emmer

When asked about the challenges for the future, Dr Emmer said "First we are looking to complete our positioning in Europe by finding partners in developed markets such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria and Scandinavian markets. But in the mid-term we want to become established in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Markets such as Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia present some of the most interesting opportunities for mid-term growth and we are actively seeking partners in those markets. Unfortunately, in many markets the need for quality products for the disabled is poorly understood. Also, finding just the right partner can be difficult as there is a shortage of people who can provide the level of service required to become a Colours Distributor.”

John Box said "It has been one year since Colours selected Med Services Europe to build our European business and we have made amazing progress. Med Services has found excellent partners for us in Europe. Nevertheless, we still have some open territories and European distributors interested in distributing Colours Wheelchairs are encouraged to contact Med Services Europe.”

About Colours:
Colours is a leader in the rehabilitation industry for its design of innovative everyday, sport and pediatric wheelchairs. Colours’ wheelchairs are lightweight, adjustable and customizable. Colours is now expanding in Europe! European distributors interested in distributing Colours Wheelchairs are encouraged to contact Med Services Europe, Colours’ European representative.

About Med Services Europe:
Med Services Europe GmbH is based in Zurich Switzerland and conducts Sales, Marketing and Business Development services for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Medical Equipment Industry. Med Services’ specializes in building and managing distribution networks for medical manufacturers in Eastern and Western Europe. We are Colours’ Representative in Europe. European Wheelchair distributors are invited to contact us. Telephone: +41438193681

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