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 Aurion Machining Technologies Oy (“Aurion”) has developed new technology – using ionized air - as a trailblazing clean-tech alternative for metal working fluids and emulsions in parts manufacturing.
 Ionized air is ideal for achieving high quality machining results – and it is safe for employees and environmentally friendly
 Aurion technology is fully compliant with modern sustainability regulations which require end-to-end clean-tech solutions
 Aurion technology is the response to increasing concern that metalworking fluids contribute significant carbon emissions on global basis

(firmenpresse) - Disposal of used cutting fluids causes significant environmental contamination. Global annual consumption of cutting fluids is estimated to exceed 2 billion liters - although the actual amount of cutting fluids waste is assumed to be up to 10 times higher, as most fluids are diluted before their use. Cutting fluid treatment and their release to the environment leads to significant oxygen depletion and nutrient destruction in surface waters.

Aurion Technology

The core of the Aurion technology is in the ionized air which generates an electrochemical process resulting in electron loss and atomic level transformation of Aurion gas medium at the cutting surface. The electrochemical process acts as a dry lubricant in the cutting process, penetrating the cutting zone and optimising the interaction between the tool edge and the workpiece. This process accelerates oxide layer formation and significantly reduces the friction, thermal stress and tool wear.

The Aurion system consists of three components - ionizer, controller and air-cooling unit. The system is connected to the factory compressed air network and machinery CNC. There is no need for any special safety precautions as ionized air pressure remains at 2 - 3 bar and temperature in the -10°C to +10°C during machining operations.

Aurion technology is the result of years of industrial research and development work. Its technical properties have been proven in thorough tests conducted by authoritative institutions and industrial partners. Most recently the respected Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) of the University of Sheffield in England achieved excellent results in titanium milling trials.

Economically Compelling Solution

Aurion reduces manufacturing costs and cutting lead times in workshop processes. Thousands of validation runs have proven that Aurion technology delivers at least the same machining quality and performance as cutting fluids – measured by cutting speed, tool life and surface quality. Ionized clean air is safe for its operators and the relevant machinery and meets the highest standards for workpiece residuals.

Easy to use and integrate

Aurion technology is suitable for all machining applications and materials. It is easy to integrate to both existing and new machines, either by using the external piping to the cutting zone or by using existing coolant channels in standard toolholders and tools.

High integration flexibility and the possibility to use existing machine tool features minimises the up-front investment and limits the transition costs for introduction of the Aurion technology. The payback for the Aurion system is typically 3-6 months.

Aurion adaptation is moving to full industrial scale - Join for the journey

Following years of successful development work, Aurion is now ready for full scale industrial use. Attracted by the recent positive tests and validation runs, a number of high-quality manufacturers are engaged as partners in the next steps of the Aurion journey to transform their profitability and accelerate their carbon net zero plans.

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Finnish technology company, Aurion Machining Technologies has introduced a disruptive alternative for the use of cutting fluids in machining. Aurion solution uses ionized air which acts as a lubricant in cutting process thereby improving cutting performance and providing excellent surface quality and workpiece accuracy. Aurion is an economically compelling solution as it reduces manufacturing costs and cutting lead times in the workshop processes. Aurion has a significant positive impact on environment and occupational health and it consumes only a fraction of energy when compared with wet machining.

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Keimo Kalliosaari
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