Dispensaryexchange.com Features New Menu System To Offer Better Service Facilities to Marijuana Vendors

Dispensaryexchange.com announces a new menu system where marijuana vendors can list their products in a custom link to where they can show their product price, type, description and other product details in one place.

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Marijuana Dispensary, 22nd July 2017: Dispensaryexchange.com is an excellent platform where people will be able to find legal medical marijuana dispensaries in their city very easily and quickly. This site allows all the medical marijuana vendors to list their business and products for free.

Not only marijuana dispensary, but also other businesses and vendors can list their business and products to increase their online revenue successfully. Starting from doctors, medical dispensaries, delivery services, hydro shops and smoke shops to MMJ lawyers everyone can list their business in this platform.

Dispensaryexchange.com was founded by Mr. David Meshach in 2012 with the aim to help marijuana vendors and other dispensaries to grow their business online. The owner takes his pride for making this platform a place where marijuana vendors can get more exposure with no effort.

Dispensaryexchange.com has recently announced a new menu system through which the vendors can let their customer know about their products availability in more detailed and better way. This new menu system will enable the vendors to get a custom link where they can show their products, price, type, description and other product details in one place.

Dispensaryexchange.com, with this new menu system has planned to solve the problem of the new vendors who does not have a website to represent their products to marijuana dispensary and other users. By listing products in this website, the vendors can easily tell their users what exactly they have to offer.

Dispensaryexchange.com also takes its pride for offering more advanced feature through which the vendors can easily email marijuana dispensaries about the product availability with just few clicks. See a sample of the menu here http://www.dispensaryexchange.com/happy_farms_menu/

About Company: Dispensaryexchange.com is a platform that allows marijuana vendors and other businessmen to list their business in the website to increase their customer base online. Dispensaryexchange.com allows vendors to register with the platform for 100% free.

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Local Address, 1611 162nd ave ne Bellevue Wa.
Phone Number, 1-800-493-7044
Company Mail id. support(at)dispensaryexchange.com

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